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Liberty Prairie Conservancy

The Liberty Prairie Conservancy is a local, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving open space, restoring natural areas, and creating sustainable communities that unite people and nature in the Liberty Prairie Reserve and elsewhere in Lake County.

Advocacy and Stewardship
The Conservancy is the voice for the Liberty Prairie Reserve's protection and expansion. In particular, the Conservancy plays a key role in sustaining the partnership of public and private landowners that makes the Reserve work. One of the most visible results of this partnership is the trail network that is being developed through the Reserve across public and private property. The Conservancy also plays a lead role in restoring and managing many of the prairies, wetlands, and woodlands within the Reserve. This work includes converting farm fields to prairies, restoring the hydrology of a fen (one of the state's rarest natural communities), conducting controlled burns to rejuvenate prairies, removing invasive plants, monitoring, and organizing volunteers to help steward the Reserve.

Connecting People with Nature
The Conservancy offers a variety of public education programs throughout the year. These programs give the public the opportunity to learn more about the wildlife that lives in the Reserve as well as about other aspects of nature. Programs and events include guided hikes, birding walks, a family bicycling event, workshops on native landscaping, sustainable agriculture promotion, and seasonal festivals. The Conservancy also helps the Prairie Crossing Charter School integrate nature into its curriculum.

Protecting Natural Areas
In 2004, the Conservancy became a 'land trust.' This designation enables it to directly protect threatened open lands in the Reserve and elsewhere in Lake County by accepting easements and land gifts and by purchasing land directly. Protecting open land in the Reserve and elsewhere will preserve wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, protect clean water, and maintain Lake County's natural heritage.

To learn more, contact the Conservancy at 847-548-5989 (ext. 30) or visit


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